Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Interested in collaborating with international researchers for a remote internship? The School of Public Health is hiring!


Kerry Tripp in the University of Maryland’s (UMD) School of Public Health along with the UMD Office of International Affairs and Career Services is hiring Virtual Global Interns (VGI)! This program allows students to engage with international researchers and businesses, as well as UMD faculty and local business partners who work with international populations and complex global problems—while you work safely from home. 

 The School of Public is collaborating with the Psychology Unit of the University of Szeged, Hungary (USz), and is offering this Hungarian Couples Research Project Summer Research Assistant virtual internship with a team of Hungarian scholars. Their international research explores "how African American and Latinx couples construct a sense of security in their homes and the emotional and environmental strategies they use to cope with stress." When the research begins in summer 2022, subject couples will participate in one-to-one, qualitative, semi-structured interviews (the ‘Emotional Map of the Home Interview’) exploring their everyday experiences related to emotionally significant places in their homes. 

They are looking for both Bilingual (English & Spanish) and English-speaking research assistant (RA) interns who will meet the translation needs to help:


  • answer emails in English/Spanish to provide potential study participants with a description of the study and to obtain intake information.
  • call participants English/Spanish to provide confirm participant eligibility.
  • use the computer to archive Qualtrics data.
  • contact participants English/Spanish by email/ phone to arrange interviews.
  • transcribe audio recordings of interviews (verbatim transcription).

Preferred Requirements:

  • Some research experience
  • An interest in couples counseling
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Strong communication; ability to work independently 

Application Instructions:

  • Submit CV/resume and cover letter to 
  • Highlight your skills that are relevant to the project and detail how working on this project might support your career plans. 
  • Best consideration date is June 3, 2022. 
  • Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the positions are filled.

Questions? Contact Dr. Faradji at