Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Research Assistant in the Social and Moral Development Lab

Fall 2022 Internship Opportunity Work as a Research Assistant in the Social and Moral Development Lab Dept. Human Development and Quantitative Methodology EDHD 498, 228 or PSYC 479 (3 credits = 10 hours per week)

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Gain Valuable Research Experience for Graduate School The Social and Moral Development Lab is recruiting Research Assistants to work on several exciting projects that involve research with children and adolescents. We are eager to recruit Research Assistants from a range of racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Our projects involve the origins of prejudice, children’s conceptions of fairness and merit, social exclusion, peer and intergroup relations, stereotyping, and moral judgment. Research Assistants in our lab learn about the process of research, read the literature in developmental psychology, meet with a research group once a week (with the supervising professor), and learn how to collect data from interviews, surveys, and online responses. This opportunity provides valuable preparation for graduate school. 

 TO APPLY: Go to the lab website www.killenlab.umd.edu under “Contact Us” on the home page and download the 1-page application. 

Email jonquilr@umd.edu with the following 3 items attached: 1. Your completed 1-page application 2. our unofficial transcript 3. Your resume (WORD or PDF) Note. Must be available for weekly lab meetings Wednesdays 2pm-5pm.