Dean's Student Advisory Council (DSAC) 2016-2017 Members

Adwoa Boateng, Environmental Science and Policy Representative (Chair)
 Hi everyone! My name is Adwoa Boateng, and I am a DSAC at large representative. I look forward to working with all departments in the College to improve the BSOS experience for students. I am a currently Sophomore Economics major, a College Park Scholars student, and a Global Semester fellow. My other involvements on campus include the BSOS Ambassador’s program, an employee of the Division of Information Technology, and an Orientation Adviser. Please contact me at with any questions, concerns, or suggestions for DSAC. 

Shahrazad Hired- Government and Politics Representative (Vice Chair of Student Services)
Hi, my name is Shahrazad Hired I am a Government Politics major with a minor in International Development and Conflict Management. As well as being apart of DSAC, I am a member of the College Park Scholars International Studies program, I am Vice President of African Student Association, President Loh’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion,  as well as other multi ethnic organizations. In the future I plan to work in International Development, primarily in Sub Saharan African aiding in emerging economics and economic integration.  My email is Feel free to contact me regarding anything about DSAC, BSOS or living and learning programs.

Julie Knorr, Hearing and Speech Sciences Representative (Vice Chair of Academics)
Hi everyone! My name is Julie Knorr and I am sophomore Hearing and Speech Sciences major, with a minor in Human Development. Aside from being a member of the council, I serve as a Peer Mentor Coordinator for the College Park Scholars Program and am a member of the Global Public Health Scholars Program. Additionally, I work in a Human Development lab studying social cognition, which I find super fascinating. Upon graduating, I hope to attend graduate school to pursue a career in speech-language pathology. Feel free to contact me at with any questions, concerns, or suggestions about BSOS!

Sabrina Christian, Sociology Representative (Vice Chair of Programming)
My name is Sabrina Christian and I am originally from Baltimore City. I have been blessed to receive the Incentive Awards Program here at Maryland. As a recipient I enjoy the luxury of a free ride and the resources to help empower my community. I am passionate about inspiring young minds and rebuilding broken communities. I will achieve these goals through my sociology degree I look forward to receiving in 2018, and through the leadership skills I developed in the public leadership College Park Scholars program. In my spare time I enjoy various activities such as dancing, relaxing, exercising, and spending time with family and friends. I look forward working with my new DSAC family and helping to make UMD a better home for us all. 

Nathaniel Zumbach, At-Large Representative

My name is Nathaniel Zumbach and I am a Junior pursing a dual degree in economics and finance. I am an at large representative on DSAC here at BSOS. Additionally, I am enrolled in the University Honors program, the Global Semester fellows, and am the director of PR for Alpha Kappa Psi. I am not new to student organizations after my time on the SGA legislature and University Senate. My mission is to improve the academic experience for fellow students majoring in economics, and I hope to expand career opportunities for those interested in the field. Please feel free to reach out to me at and I would love to answer any questions or suggestions you might have!

Brooke Rothman, At-Large Representative
Hi everyone! My name is Brooke Rothman and I am a rising senior Hearing and Speech Science major from Fair Lawn, New Jersey. Along with being the DSAC at-large representative, I’ve served on the executive board of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association, worked as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, and am currently a research assistant in the Cognitive Control and Language processing lab. I am working towards becoming a speech-language pathologist, specifically working with children. 

Jane Lyons, Living & Learning Program Representative
Hello! My name is Jane Lyons. I am junior Economics major and a Sustainability Studies minor. I am an alumna of the Global Communities program and Federal Semester Fellows. Along with DSAC, I also participate in the BSOS Sustainability Task Force, Maryland Sustainability Engineering, and serve as the Music Director of WMUC-FM. In my spare time, I love to go to concerts and kayak! I plan to pursue a career in urban planning and work towards building smarter cities. Feel free to contact me at with any questions or suggestions concerning DSAC, BSOS, or living and learning programs.

David Falvo, At-Large Representative
Hello everyone! My name is David Falvo and I am this year's At-Large Representative for DSAC. I am from Ellicott City, MD and majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience. I am also a Resident Assistant in Oakland Hall and will be involved in conducting research for neuropharmacology & schizophrenia labs next year. In my free time, I enjoy boxing, playing soccer, and reading. I am extremely excited to be a part of this year's council and will be looking forward to serving the BSOS college as a whole! Please, if you have any questions or concerns about BSOS, please feel free to contact me at

Johanna McAlister, Anthropology Representative
Hello! My name is Johanna McAlister and I am a junior Anthropology major and sustainability minor. I am passionate about socio-ecological anthropology, and my dream is to work with indigenous peoples throughout the Americas in order to conserve their lands and culture. I hope to gain experience working with the National Park Service, conservation organizations, and non-governmental organizations. I love mother nature and experiencing its beauty through hiking and camping, and hope to one-day visit all of the National Parks! Feel free to contact me at .

Rena Ali, At-Large Representative
Hi everyone!  My name is Rena Ali, and I'm a junior Hearing and Speech Sciences major.  After graduation, I hope to apply to graduate school to continue my education towards becoming a speech-language pathologist.  Aside from DSAC, I am a student campus ambassador and tour guide on campus through Maryland Images, and an alumna of the Global Public Health Scholars living and learning program here on campus.  I also greatly enjoy hammocking on the mall when it's nice out, and going to see concerts in DC.  I can't wait to get started on the council, so if you have any ideas or comments about BSOS, please feel free to contact me at!

Madelyn Darbie, At-Large Representative
Hi everyone! My name is Madelyn Darbie and I'm a Junior Government and Politics major with a Sustainability Studies minor. I'm born and raised on Maryland's Eastern Shore and did my freshman year of college at St. Mary's College of Maryland. In addition to being one of the at-large representatives for DSAC, I am the secretary for my sorority Zeta Tau Alpha and a Global Semester Fellow in the Diplomacy and Public Policymaking concentration currently interning for Congressman Andy Harris on Captiol Hill. In my free time I can be found at the beach, on the boat or watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix. I am always available to answer any questions regarding BSOS, GVPT, Global or Federal Semester or UMD in general. Please feel free to contact me at

Nia Nickerson, Psychology Representative
Hello everyone! My name is Nia Nickerson and I am a sophomore Psychology major with a minor in Human Development and Quantitative Methodology. In addition to my involvement with DSAC, I am also a member of Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology, the College Park Scholars Public Leadership Program, and a few other organizations. I am thrilled to be the Psychology Representative for DSAC and I have a lot of great ideas that I hope will benefit all students in BSOS while also fostering a stronger sense of community and support within the college. I would love to hear from you regarding any ideas, suggestions, or questions that pertain to bettering BSOS. I can be contacted at

Sagen Kidane, Criminology & Criminal Justice Representative
Hi, my name is Sagen Kidane and I am a Criminology & Criminal Justice major with a double minor in Public Leadership and Global Poverty. I am a student assistant in the Leadership & Community Service-Learning office and a Coordinator for the TerpService program offered there where I lead students in service-learning activities. In addition, I am a representative of the Police Advisory Review Council, member of the Criminal Justice Student Association, and an Ambassador for the BSOS College. As part of DSAC, I serve as the CCJS representative for BSOS. If you have any concerns about the CCJS major or BSOS in general, feel free to contact me at

Tyrone Tongo, Economics
Hi, My name is Tyrone Osaro Tongo. I am a junior economics major from the great country of Nigeria. On DSAC, I serve as an at large representative and with this position I plan to highlight the concerns of every department within the College of Behavioral and Social Science (BSOS) with an effort to address all issues and grow the BSOS community. Alongside DSAC, I serve as the Vice President of finance for the African Students Association here at the University of Maryland. I look forward to a progressive and successful spring semester with DSAC.  Please, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to email me at