BSOS Sustainability Task Force

The BSOS Sustainability Task Force (STF) is made up of students from several departments within the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, as well as Public Policy, Architecture, and Engineering. Each semester the task force chooses a salient problem to campus sustainability and works toward finding a solution. From building a solar powered charging study station, to creating awareness of food behavioral impacts, the students research viable alternatives or enhancements, survey fellow students, and write a grant for implementation funds.

Not only is the Sustainability Task Force a student group, it's also a 1-credit course (BSOS388T).  Students are expected to meet for one hour a week as a group, and spend another hour outside of class working on STF projects.

To learn more about the BSOS Sustainability Task Force, please visit our blog site ( or contact the STF Advisor Adriane Michaelis:  

The STF meets every Thursday from 5-6 pm in 3100 Tydings.