Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Done with Classes? Apply for American Politics Research Assistantships on Campus!

Do you want to gain an in-depth knowledge of American politics? Do you also want to learn how to conduct long-form independent research? Then apply to be a CAPC Research Assistant!!! The Center for American Politics and Citizenship (CAPC) is currently accepting applications for students who will be paired with faculty members while also receiving formal training in the research process, writing for research, data analysis, and professional presentations. RAs receive 3 credits of GVPT independent study credit for their participation (all majors welcome to apply). Please complete application and submit to CAPC Coordinator Christian Hosam at chosam@umd.edu (Recommended Deadline: December 18th, 2015

The following materials are required for the application: 

1.      Cover letter with name, major, class standing, UID, and contact information
2.      A current unofficial transcript
3.      One page resume of your educational and employment background that includes name of a faculty reference.
4.      A writing sample, such as a short paper. Submit a copy of a paper that you are proud of.

5.      A 300-500 word essay on the following question: “Given the current political climate and the increasingly politicized atmosphere in which decisions that affect the production of public policy, how can research and scholarship support the development and protection of American democracy?”