Monday, January 4, 2016

Conventional Defense Internship with the Stimson Center

The Managing Across Boundaries (MAB) Initiative offers a unique opportunity to gain experience in one of the most compelling international relations issues today: an increasing array of transnational challenges -- from WMD proliferation and the global drug trade, to arms trafficking, illegal wildlife crime, and counterfeit goods -- that have become so widespread they threaten to overwhelm the capabilities of even the most well-intentioned governments to mitigate their destructive effects. MAB experts and researchers work to identify the growing interlinkages between these security challenges look for ways to conceptualize and catalyze innovative solutions in terms of government responses - at the national, regional, and international levels - and smart public-private partnerships to combat these threats.

MAB's Conventional Defense Project focuses on the opportunities and challenges surrounding the trade in conventional weapons and emerging weapons technologies. From small arms to unmanned aerial vehicles, managing how conventional arms are transferred or employed is vital in determining the course of global conflicts, civil wars, regional disputes, economic development, and humanitarian and human rights challenges. The project works with governments and the private sector to raise the profile of these issues and seeks to better inform policymakers of the short- and long-term impacts of arms transfer decisions. In so doing, the project works to establish international norms and standards to ensure more responsible, accountable, and transparent use and transfer of conventional arms.


As an intern with MAB's Conventional Defense Project, you will work on issues related to the international arms trade - including emerging weapons technologies - and U.S. security assistance.

Responsibilities for an intern include:
  • • Research, writing, analysis, and editing for program publications
  • • Coordination of program events
  • • Briefings on related events in the Washington, D.C. area
  • • Administrative support

Generally, strong candidates for this position will have the following qualifications:
  • • Interest in international arms trade and multidisciplinary approach to security challenges posed by illicit or irresponsible arms transfers
  • • Strong research, analysis, writing, and editing skills
  • • Excellent attention to detail
  • • Full-time or part-time availability

Undergraduate and/or graduate students are encouraged to apply.  There may be an opportunity to extend this internship into the summer months.  Apply here by January 22.