Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Public Opinion Summer Internship with American Enterprise Institute

Senior Fellow Karlyn Bowman is an expert on American politics and public opinion. Interns working for her will gain tremendous exposure to the study and understanding of American ideals through public opinion polling and how American perceptions have changed over time. The internship does not require previous polling experience but does require a heavy dose of intellectual curiosity as Karlyn and her staff try to understand the American public—who they are, what they think, and how they are changing. Topics of research change every semester, with a mix of topical inquiries and long term studies. The intern will assist with research for articles, research and planning of the “AEI Political Report” (AEI’s monthly newsletter on public opinion), and research briefings on a variety of topics. The ideal candidate will have an educational background in political science or a related field, strong research abilities, editorial experience, curiosity, and a self-directed work ethic. The department is looking for a candidate to become an equal member of the public opinion team and to provide substantive input on current topics of interest. Experience with STATA or Adobe Design (InDesign and Photoshop) is a plus.

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