Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New Graduates! SAGA Year-Long Tutoring Fellowships in NYC & Chicago

ATTENTION Class of 2016! Are you looking to take a gap year or to do a year of post-graduate service? Look no further join SAGA Innovations TODAY!

Who WE Are
SAGA transforms the lives of at-risk students giving them the skills, the attention and the self-esteem they need to achieve. Our tool is tutoring. Not your average, once-a-week, after school tutoring, but rather high dosage tutoring: personalized instruction from professional fellows who tutor for one class period every day for an entire school year.

Like most innovations, the concept is simple but the results are profound. Data shows that our tutoring methods dramatically improve what students can achieve. Which is everything. Because the ability to achieve can transform even the most hopeless student. And when you transform a student, you transform a life.

Who YOU Are
SAGA Fellows are full-time tutors working with students in some of the most disadvantaged school districts in the nation the students nobody thinks can succeed. In our 10-month program, SAGA Fellows help transform these students through daily, personalized tutoring in a program that is achieving extraordinary results. In Chicago, for example, SAGA students gained more than 2.5 years of growth in math in just one year of tutoring.

SAGA Fellows are recent college grads, mid-life career changers, recent retirees anyone dedicated to social justice and looking for a profound experience in helping students to achieve. While we require Fellows to have a college degree, most do not have a degree in education. We do require strong math skills, as our program is currently focused on tutoring 9th grade Algebra.

What YOU Do
SAGA Fellows serve a year in a Chicago or New York City public school. Fellows spend the service year tutoring math, working with the same 14 students every day in groups of 1 tutor: 2 students. SAGA tutoring occurs as a stand-alone class period and is built into the regular school day as an elective course for credit.

As a SAGA Fellow, you will:
Tutor 14 students. Youll spend one school year working with the same students every day, two at a time, serving as their mentor and helping them achieve specific academic goals.
Develop tutoring skills. Youll receive in-depth training in tutoring techniques and in managing student behavior, and youll receive constant daily feedback from your site director to help you improve as a tutor.
Build relationships. In addition to strong relationships with your students, youll communicate regularly with their families to create the most successful and supportive learning environment for your pupils.

WHY Join
Want to transform American public education? Want to eliminate, not narrow the achievement gap? Want to transform the life of a student? Then apply to be a SAGA Fellow TODAY! People join for many reasons. Some are taking a gap-year before graduate/professional school and want to do something meaningful. Others are interested in exploring a career in non-profits or education, or simply are passionate about social justice.

The ideal Fellow is open-minded, patient, excited about education reform, organized, a self-starter, a team player, is comfortable working with adolescent students, and should have effective communication skills. This this role requires hard work, creativity, and a dedication to helping students beat the odds, achieve academic success, and build strong relationships.
  • Bachelors degree required (ALL majors accepted; an education major or minor is NOT required).
  • Strong basic high school math skills--you will take a math test as one step in landing this position.
  • Passion for education reform and hunger for feedback.
  • Prior coaching, tutoring or teaching experience is helpful.
  • Previous paid or volunteer experience with students is helpful.
  • Desire to improve and a hunger for feedback
  • Proficiency in Spanish is highly valued, but not required
  • Peace Corps and other National Service alumni encouraged to apply.
Learn more and apply at Careers4Terps.