Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Paid Marketing Internship with TechSoup for Student with Stats and Data Mining Skills

TechSoup’s marketing department is looking for an eager Marketing Associate Intern that wants to work alongside experts in the field and learn the latest digital marketing techniques. You will participate in three projects that will have the following impact on our company:
  • Improve brand recognition as the dynamic bridge to the sector. 
  • Build awareness around TechSoup’s programs that help nonprofits with their mission 
  • Help build omnichannel to improve amplification 
  • Help grow omnichannel marketing outreach 

Potential Responsibilities Include:
  • Hone your data driven research skills and find viable locations for banner ads on nonprofit websites 
  • Learn how to evaluate costs and develop ROI methodology 
  • Learn to use data for actionable tasks and prepare a spreadsheet with details and info on potential banner ad candidates 
  • Learn how to reach out to potential website owners and setup banner ad campaigns 
  • Develop rationale on how to research public database resources to setup lists of nonprofits for outreach purposes 
  • Learn how to develop and execute a snail mail campaigns 
  • Bring your creative juices to life and develop engaging and relevant content using PowerPoint, graphics, infographics, memes, Vines, etc.) 

Learning objectives:
  • Learn how to research and launch marketing campaigns using both traditional and digital methods 
  • Learn how to create content for social media promotions 
  • Learn skills necessary for an entry level marketing role 
  • Learn how to take your creativity and funnel it into promotional campaigns 

What are we looking for?
  • Statistical Analysis and Data Mining 
  • Basic SEO/SEM understanding 
  • Ability to work in a team structure 
  • Ability to make decisions and solve problems 
  • Ability to communicate verbally with people inside and outside an organization 
  • Ability to plan, organize, and prioritize work 
  • Ability to obtain and process information 
  • Basic understanding of marketing tools and digital marketing 
  • Working ability with Microsoft products and design tools 

Eligibility Qualifications:
  • Must currently be enrolled in accredited educational institution or enrolled for the following term as an undergraduate or graduate student 
  • Is interested in observing and learning the inner-workings of how programs are put together within a non-profit 
  • Has an enthusiasm for social networking, technology, non-profits, public libraries, and diverse communities 
  • Has ability to communicate with staff, and a desire to assist the department in accomplishing its projects.

This is a paid internship.