Monday, June 6, 2016

Investigator with the Office of Police Complaints (DC) Position for Recent Grad

Job Summary 
Investigator I is the entry-level job in the Investigator job progression. Investigator I conducts routine or simple investigations, or assists in larger more complex investigations, while developing investigatory knowledge and experience and receiving greater supervision. This job is distinguished from Investigator II which is the intermediate level, and receives less supervision and investigates moderately complex issues, reviews technical work, and provides training to junior Investigators.

The Office of Police Complaints (OPC), a District of Columbia government agency that investigates citizen complaints of police misconduct, seeks to hire an investigator. OPC investigators, who report to the chief investigator and two other supervisors, are responsible for conducting administrative investigations of the use of unnecessary or excessive force, harassment, discrimination, and other types of misconduct allegations made against D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and D.C. Housing Authority Office of Public Safety (OPS) officers.

The major responsibilities of an OPC investigator include, but are not limited to: planning and conducting investigations; interviewing and taking statements from complainants, witnesses, and police officers; gathering and analyzing evidence; making credibility determinations; and preparing well organized and thorough investigative reports.
District code prohibits hiring current or former MPD officers or civilian employees for this position.   Application pre-screening dates are June 3, 2016 and June 17, 2016.


Applicants must have: (1) some relevant investigative experience; (2) excellent interpersonal skills; (3) strong writing skills; and (4) good judgment and high ethical standards. Applicants must also be able to work with diverse populations and have excellent organizational and time-management skills.  Bilingual applicants with fluent Spanish language skills are strongly encouraged to apply.  Applicants having a demonstrable interest or background in civil rights, criminal justice, or law enforcement are also encouraged to apply. District residency is preferred, but not mandatory.
Licensures, Certifications and other requirements 
Must have a valid driver’s license.
Bachelor Degree - Political Science, Criminal Justice, Sociology or related fields;
Work Experience 
 At least 1-2 years’ of experience.
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