Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Accenture Presents: A Neurodiversity Bootcamp - May 3

If you are a BSOS student who has skills in statistical programs, computer programming or other computational skills, or business analytics, employers want to meet you.

If ADHD, learning differences, mental health issues or autism has caused you to steer away from computer science or business, but you have an interest in tech and business skills, please consider attending the event below:

May 3rd 5-7pm
Accenture presents A Neurodiversity Bootcamp
Meet and learn from Accenture’s University Relations staff how you, as a neurodiverse student, can be the most attractive applicant to an employer. Accenture is a leader in promoting the value of employees who are neurodiverse (autism, ADHD, mental health challenges, learning differences). This workshop will teach you how to disclose, to get the accommodations you need, and to bring your whole self to work. RSVP: https://careers.umd.edu/events-calendar