Friday, June 15, 2018

Paid On-Campus Internship with Services 24/7

Services 24/7 is an online directory for residents of Prince George's County looking for organizations that provide human services from after school programs, to housing and foreclosure assistance, to veteran services.

We serve two purposes:
  1. connecting the citizens of Prince George's County with the resources they need to enhance their quality of life and 
  2. connecting the vast human resource of volunteers in our county to nonprofits in order to increase their capacity to serve 

The Intern would be responsible for working with the Terp Service Coordinator to develop a marketing and implementation plan for continuing to get the word out to both the Prince George's County community and UMD students about the wealth of information located on the Services 24/7 database. The database (that we manage) has hundreds of non-profit organizations (a part of the Intern's position is ensuring through use of a verification process that these non-profit partners are viable and working in the community). There are many opportunities for the Intern to work not only with Leadership & Community Service-Learning (LCSL) but also with our partners at Non-Profits Prince George's County. The Intern would lead weekly meetings with the Coordinator and also work with Non-Profits Prince George's County for outreach events that we could attend to promote Services 24/7 to the community.

Salary: $750 for Fall 2018 and $750 for Spring 2019
Hours per week: Minimum 10 and Maximum 40

If interested, please send your resume and a cover letter to Pamela Gouws at

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