Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Meet the Members of the BSOS Dean's Student Advisory Council (DSAC)!

2020-2021 DSAC (Zoom Edition)

Erica Lemen (Chair; Living & Learning Representative) My name is Erica Lemen and I am a senior majoring in Economics. I am on the BS track with a minor in Statistics. Outside of DSAC, I have interned for the US Census Bureau and am currently an intern at the Department of Justice. I am an alumna of the CIVICUS Living and Learning Program and excited to represent BSOS living and learning programs this year while also leading the Council as Chair! I am looking forward to an incredible year! Don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions at dsacbsos@gmail.com

Naomi Lichtenstein (Vice Chair of Academics; SGA Representative)  
Hi, my name is Naomi Lichtenstein and I am currently a junior! I am majoring in Environmental science and policy. This is my second year serving on the council and I am very proud to be the SGA representative, as well as the Vice Chair of Academics! In addition to the council I am also involved with images as a tour guide, I'm a member of a professional fraternity called Alpha Phi Omega, I sing in and am the President of an A cappella group called Pandemonium, I'm a lifeguard at Eppley, and am also a member of the Honors program here on campus. If you ever have any questions about the activities in which I'm involved or anything you'd like help with from the council please let me know! My email is nlichte1@umd.edu.

Shreya Vuttaluru (Vice Chair of Student Services; At-Large Representative) 
Hi! My name is Shreya Vuttaluru and I’m a sophomore majoring in government and politics and journalism. I’m really excited to be serving as an At-Large Representative and Vice-Chair of Student Services! At UMD, I’m part of Maryland Minza, a South Asian Bollywood-fusion dance competition, and I work as a swim instructor at Eppley Recreation Center. I’m looking forward to providing services to BSOS  students this year and making the student experience the best it can be! Please reach out to me at shreya.vut@gmail.com for any ideas, questions, and concerns.

Florence Ning (Vice Chair of Programming; GVPT Representative) 
Hello! My name is Flo Ning and I am a senior majoring in Government and Politics and Philosophy. I am so excited to serve as your Vice Chair of Programming and GVPT Representative on DSAC. At the University of Maryland, I am a GVPT Ambassador, a Captain for the Mock Trial Team, and President of the Ethics Bowl Team. In the past, I have interned with the Partnership for Public Service and Maryland General Assembly. I am also a proud alumni of the Global Fellows Program and Design, Cultures, and Creativity Honors College. I look forward to planning diverse and educational  events for BSOS students this year, so please feel free to reach out to me with any ideas or questions at fning1@umd.edu.

Esteban Sanchez (ECON representative) 
Hi everyone! My name is Esteban Sanchez, and I am a senior majoring in Economics (BS) and Information Systems. This is my first year at the Council, and I am very excited to be serving as the Economics representative. Prior to joining DSAC, I worked as a Peer Mentor and Peer Advisor for the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences. I am also an alumnus from the Global Fellows program and have been involved in other UMD organizations like the International Student Union, Club Soccer, and Phi Kappa Tau. This year, my goal is to help all students communicate their vision, ideas, concerns, and proposals with the Economics department and BSOS College. So please don't hesitate to reach out about any topic you'd like, at esanche6@terpmail.umd.edu. Looking forward to a great year!

Victoria Hix (PSYC Representative) 

My name is Victoria Hix and I am a sophomore Psychology and Criminal Justice double major.  This is my first year on DSAC, and I’m honored to serve as your Psychology representative. Aside from DSAC, I am interning at a mindfulness non-profit called Evolving Minds, I am a part of Female Forward at UMD, and I love dance, especially tap! I’m so excited to help make everyone’s experience in BSOS the best it can be.  Feel free to contact me at vhix@umd.edu with any questions, concerns, or suggestions! 

Cynthia Eapen (CCJS Representative) 
Hi everyone! My name is Cynthia Eapen and I am a sophomore majoring in Criminology and Criminal Justice with a Law and Society minor. This is my first semester on the council and I will be serving as the CCJS Representative. At UMD, I am an honor council member of the University Student Judiciary, a TA for CPJT 100, a brother of Phi Alpha Delta, and in the Justice and Legal Thought scholars program. I’m looking forward to working with DSAC to enhance the student experience in BSOS. If you have any questions about the activities I’m involved in or ideas you’d like to share with me or the council, I can be contacted at cynthiaeapen2@gmail.com. I’m looking forward to a great academic year!

Marie Panday (ENSP Representative)  
Hi everyone! My name is Marie Panday and I am a junior Environmental Science and Policy major with a concentration in Marine and Coastal Management pursuing a minor in remote sensing. This is my first year serving on the council and I could not be more excited! Outside of DSAC, I am a sustainability advisor on campus, part of the executive board of Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a member of Epsilon Eta - UMD’s Environmental Honors Fraternity, and a part of the Global Fellows Science Diplomacy program. I also have interned with NOAA Fisheries and am currently a volunteer for BlueCounter-Coral Morphologic. My primary goal this year is to improve sustainability initiatives within BSOS and would love any ideas, comments, or feedback from you on how we can better improve our college. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at fpanday@terpmail.umd.edu

Hilary Sandborn (GEOG Representative) 
Hi, my name is Hilary Sandborn, and I am currently a senior double majoring in Geographic Information Sciences (GIS) and Anthropology with a minor in Sustainability. I am excited for my first year serving as the GEOG Representative for the council! Outside of DSAC, I work in the BSOS Advising Office as an Orientation Program Assistant and I am President of the Geography Club! In addition, I am an undergraduate researcher in the Department of Geographical Sciences on a carbon monitoring project. I am an alum of the Science and Global Change Scholars Program and BSOS Ambassadors! Feel free to contact me with questions or comments surrounding BSOS or the GEOG department at hges@umd.edu.

Robyn Toler (HESP Representative) 
Hello, My name is Robyn Toler. I am a junior majoring in Hearing and Speech Sciences. I am extremely honored and thrilled to be serving in my first year as the HESP Representative on the council. Apart from DSAC, I am involved in the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association, where I serve as the vice president, the Non-Traditional Student Society, where I serve as the enrichment chair, a research assistant for Learning to Talk Lab, and I am a member of OMSE Academic Excellence Society. This next year on DSAC, I hope to improve the student service opportunities offered to BSOS students in these unprecedented times. Though most importantly, I hope to help students make the most of their experience in BSOS! Please do not hesitate to contact me at rtoler@umd.edu if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns. 

Elli Nikolopoulos (At-large Representative) 
Hi! My name is Elli Nikolopoulos, and I am a junior pursuing a dual degree in Government and Politics and Public Policy with a minor in Statistics. I am so excited to serve as one of the At-Large Representatives on DSAC! I really want to make sure BSOS is a welcoming place where everyone feels supported and represented. Outside of DSAC, I am a Teaching Assistant for the Public Health Policy concentration of the Federal Fellows Program, an Honors Ambassador, and the Secretary for an on-campus organization called Ignite. I’m always more than happy to talk about BSOS, so please don’t hesitate to email me at ellini83@gmail.com if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions!

Elizabeth Pokress (SOCY Representative) 

Hi everyone! My name is Ellie Pokress (she/her/hers), I am a senior double majoring in Sociology and Criminology and Criminal Justice. This is my first year on the council and I am so excited to serve as your Sociology Representative this year! Outside of DSAC, I am a member of the CCJS departmental honors program and a research assistant in labs in the Sociology and African American Studies departments. I also work at Eppley as a lifeguard and swim instructor. In the past, I have worked as a peer mentor in the Oral Communications Center, a teaching assistant for CCJS418D, and a summer intern at START. I would love to get to know all of you and connect more students with the BSOS community, whether you are a Sociology major or not! If you have any questions or suggestions related to DSAC, or would like to talk about any of the other organizations I am involved with, please feel free to contact me at epokress@terpmail.umd.edu

Sol Lee (ANTH Representative)
Hello everyone! My name is Sol Lee, and I am a sophomore anthropology major on the premed track. This is my first year as part of DSAC, so I am absolutely thrilled to serve as the departmental representative; I hope to make your time as a TERP exciting and proud. In addition to DSAC, I am involved in SGA as a graphic designer, and am a proud member of Model Congress and Honors Humanities. Outside of the university, I volunteer at the Smithsonian NMHS Outbreak Exhibit and serve as the CHRO of a non-profit organization called S.T.E.P.S.! If any questions, ideas, concerns, or suggestions arise, I can be reached at slee1245@umd.edu. I'd love to hear them!

Carla Atalla (At-Large Representative)
Hi! My name is Carla Atalla and I am a junior Economics major with a minor in International Development and Conflict Management. This year I will be serving as an at-large representative for the DSAC council! Outside of DSAC, I have been working as a research intern at the Center for International Development and Values. I am also a Peer Mentor for the First-Year Innovation Experience: Global Development and Design Stream. I am looking forward to serving on this year's DSAC council and executing the things we hope to accomplish! 

Imani Nokuri (At-Large Representative)
Hi! My name is Imani Nokuri and I am a junior studying Government and Politics with minors in International Development & Conflict Management and Nonprofit Leadership & Social Innovation. On campus, I am involved with the Multiethnic Chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and I am on the Student Advisory Committee for the Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion. I am also a member of Phi Alpha Delta Pre Law Fraternity. In the past, I have interned with the Prince George’s County Office of the Public Defender as an Investigative Intern and with American Enterprise Institute in the Public Opinion Department.  Additionally, I am a licensed Zumba Instructor for the University’s RecWell Facilities! During my time in DSAC, I hope to advocate for all BSOS students through diversity training and programming that encourages conversation and understanding throughout the college. If you ever want to contact me with concerns, questions, or ideas, please email me at imaniruthnokuri@gmail.com