Monday, October 22, 2018

Registration Tips - check your date and blocks!

The Early Registration period is quickly approaching - here are a few tips from the BSOS Advising Center to keep in mind while you register for the Spring 2019 semester!

Have you Completed your Major Benchmarks or LEP Gateways?
When planning your schedule, check your student record to make sure you are registering for your benchmark or gateway courses that you have not yet completed. If you have questions about completing these requirements on time, please make an appointment with your Major advisor. 

Registration Blocks

A block is a hold placed on student records to prevent registration. Registration blocks may be frustrating for students who need to register for classes. Therefore, each semester, students are expected to log on to Testudo and check their registration time and blocks. It is the student’s responsibility to take appropriate actions to remove blocks in order to register on time. Please visit the Registration Restrictions and Blocks webpage for explanations of different registration blocks.

Credit Overload

Prior to the First Day of Classes and Schedule Adjustment Period, students are limited to registering for no more than 16 credits. On the First Day of Classes this limit is raised to 20 credits. Students who wish to exceed these limits must meet with a BSOS college advisor to discuss a possible exception to university policy.

Duplicate Credit
This is used to indicate two courses with the same course content. Note: students cannot receive duplicate credit. Be mindful of credit you have received through AP/IB or through transfer from another institution. Also, you can view the Schedule of Classes where courses are marked: "Credit only granted for", to see duplicate courses. 

Time Conflict
Major Students can obtain permission to take courses that have a time conflict by bringing written permission from both UMD instructors to a BSOS advisor during an appointment.