Monday, October 21, 2019

Interdisciplinary Dialogues Series: Deepfakes - (University Libraries Event) - 10/24

Deepfakes, the digital manipulation of visual media using artificial intelligence, can look or sound like the real thing. While many may enjoy the ability to superimpose Nicolas Cage into every film, there are far more malicious uses including the spread of disinformation, harassment, and political undermining. How are these emerging technologies transforming disinformation?
Dr. Ira Chinoy
Associate Professor, Philip Merrill College of Journalism and Co-director, Future of Information Alliance
Dr. Arie Kruglanski
Distinguished University Professor, Department of Psychology, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Dr. Jen Golbeck
Professor, College of Information Studies, Director, Social Intelligence Lab
Dr. Lilliana Mason
Associate Professor, Department of Government and Politics, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Dr. Damien Smith Pfister
Associate Professor, Department of Communications, College of Arts and Humanities

Moderated by Chuck Howell
Librarian for Journalism & Communication Studies

Lunch will be provided!

Interdisciplinary Dialogues are an ongoing series of conversations sponsored by the University Libraries highlighting research connections across disciplines.