Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Vault Articles About Job Hunting During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Interviewing in the Time of Coronavirus

Interviewing for new a job is stressful enough—without the possibility that a quick handshake and finger to face can result in contracting a novel virus. So now, in the age of coronavirus (a.k.a. COVID-19), it’s understandable that job seekers’ stress levels are on the rise.
On the bright side, many companies have altered their recruiting efforts to take into account the spread of coronavirus, significantly minimizing those stress levels. LinkedIn, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, PwC, Intel, and others are now relying on video and phone interviews in lieu of face-to-face interviewing.
Setting up a Virtual Study Group

Eleven Tips for Video Interview Success

Video interviewing is rapidly becoming the norm for corporate recruiting departments, as HR departments seek cost effective ways of interviewing higher volumes of available candidates. Being able to communicate your value to an employer via one-way video (where you video your answers to questions companies provide) or in a Skype/Zoom conversation is paramount. But it’s important to do it correctly to sell yourself well. 
Here are key video interviewing tips that can help you impress your prospective employer and allow your strengths to resonate with hiring managers.
How will the Coronavirus Affect Your Job Search in 2020?
Since the coronavirus arrived in the U.S., my clients have been asking, ”Will coronavirus slow down an already slow hiring process? Will there be layoffs and hiring freezes?” My answer is: it depends.
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Not every industry slows down in an economic downturn
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