Monday, April 13, 2020

Full-time job: Mental Health Worker

Do you want to change someone's life? Do you want your life to be changed? Come work at Segue, a new short-term residential program for adults with mental illness that has been recognized as a national best-practice pilot program. Segue, which is a musical interlude, combines the best of science and art to help low-income adults with mental illness transition from state psychiatric hospitals to community living. This cutting-edge program utilizes creative compassion to help people discern their dreams and goals and blends that with the evidence-base practice interventions to teach symptom management and independent living skill development. You don't need to have specialized education in mental health or even a college degree. You only need to have a creative heart, an inquiring mind, a commitment to serve, and the desire to have your life changed by the courage and strength of the people you help.

Position Requirements: Education and ExperiencePossession of a high school diploma.
Two years positively referenced, preferably relevant, work experience.
Valid driver's license and safe driving record.
Possession or use of a four passenger car to be used to transport Way Station individual and a copy of a valid certificate of automobile insurance.

Promote effective relationships among individuals, families and service providers.
Instruct, schedule, and share household tasks with residents, e.g. household budgeting, shopping, indoor and outdoor chores, cooking and other daily living activities.
Document shift contact note on individuals being served.
Implement RCS treatment plans for and with assigned individuals.
Assist assigned individuals in monitoring medications.
Promote and insure the health safety and security, organization, and home like atmosphere of the crisis house.
Provide transportation for individuals.
Participate in WSI committees and program planning as assigned.
Implement crisis intervention actions as appropriate.
Perform other duties as assigned.

Applications due May 31, 2020. Read the full job posting and apply in Careers4Terps by searching the ID number: 202698

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