Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Remote Internships with Audrey Denney (CA-1) for Congress Campaign

Audrey Denny is running for Congress in an 11-country district in California.

Over the next three months, the remote organizing internship will teach you the following skills:
  • Researching and building lists of influence-makers and change-makers
  • Managing and controlling Zoom conference meetings, conference calls, and community chat spaces to achieve program goals
  • Training others to amplify your work and develop key leadership skills
  • Learning industry standard phone banking and text banking software
  • Preparing scripts, meeting agendas, reports and calendars

Learn more at AudreyforCongress.com

To apply, send an email and resume to: apply@audreyforcongress.com

Contract your departmental or college internship coordinator with questions about whether this internship qualifies for academic credit.