Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Research Associate Position for Recent Grad with Over Zero

Position description

About Over Zero: Over Zero, a project of the Hopewell Fund, was founded to reduce, prevent, and create long-term societal resilience to identity-based violence and other forms o group-targeted harm. We specifically focus on the role of communication in either fueling or counteracting this type of violence. Our work involves equipping leaders from different sectors with tools for violence prevention and response and conducting and translating relevant research (for example, on sacralization of values, on the impact of COVID-19 on hateful and dangerous speech, and on promising and effective approaches to counteracting online hate speech). Throughout our work, we collaborate with a range of academics, researchers, and practitioners globally.
Over Zero is seeking a Research Assistant or Associate to join its team. This is an exciting position for someone who is passionate about research and social impact.
The Research Associate will support Over Zero in conducting:
  • Survey design and analysis: Coordinating input from researchers for survey development, researching and compiling survey measures, and coding, analyzing and writing up results for survey data;
  • Evaluations: Collecting and organizing evaluation data from our practitioner partners;
  • Literature reviews: Reviewing and compiling relevant research literature and findings.
If you are highly organized, pay close attention to detail, enjoy engaging in a range of quantitative and qualitative research projects, this may be the perfect position for you!

Essential Responsibilities and Tasks:
  • Conduct literature reviews as needed, write up research results or propose measures useful to our work;
  • Help draft or edit survey questionnaires in Qualtrics
  • Survey data management, including cleaning and organizing data (Excel)
  • Preliminary statistical analysis: descriptive statistics, summary tables (Stata, Excel, or other)
  • Organize, manage, and communicate around partner evaluation questionnaires and data
  • Help draft or edit written reports or documents
  • Citation management (EndNote)
  • Provide other support as needed


We are looking for a self-motivated individual who is passionate about building resilience to division and violence in the U.S., skilled at managing timelines, and detail-oriented. The ideal candidate for this position will be a recent B.A./B.S. graduate with some research experience, or an M.A. graduate with prior interest or work on these issues.
Minimum qualifications:
  • B.A. or B.S. in social science
  • Previous experience assisting with research projects, particularly around relevant topics (intergroup conflict and cooperation, marginalized groups, election violence or violence prevention, etc.)
Minimum competencies:
  • Highly organized
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Flexible and adaptive to manage shifting priorities and deliver results
  • Proactive approach to solving problems
  • Strong communication skills, both within-team (around project status, deadlines, etc.) and outside the team (with partners)
  • Previous experience with Excel and PowerPoint
  • Interest in using/learning EndNote, Qualtrics, and Stata or another statistical software
Preferred qualifications:
  • Master’s degree
  • Previous experience with EndNote, Qualtrics, and Stata or another statistical software

Application instructions

Please send a cover letter and CV  to: jobs@projectoverzero.org.  For best consideration apply by September 7.