Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Arab Studies Institute Call for Interns

This is a call for interns in various positions at the Arab Studies Institute. The Arab Studies Institute is the umbrella organization for the Arab Studies Journal, Jadaliyya, Quilting Point, Forum on Arab and Muslim Affairs (FAMA), and Tadween Publishing. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning on December 4th. 

Apply Here: http://arabstudiesinstitute.org/en/internship_applications/new?mc_cid=6fa48662da&mc_eid=81a29baf4d 

 Below are the specific projects at the Institute with available internship positions. ASI internships represent temporary (3-6 month) assignments as part of any number of ASI projects and teams within. All ASI team members, whether interns or more long-term team members volunteer their time to one extent or another. As a solidarity-based organization, we commit ourselves to professional mentorship, skills acquisition, and leadership opportunities. We also work with interns to provide feedback on potential publications as well as job and graduate school applications. We are also committed to serving as long-term references and recommendation letter writers. Applicants must be willing to commit to working with our team for three months at a minimum, for roughly 10-15 hours per week. Applicants need not be based in the Washington, D.C .or Beirut, Lebanon area. 

All internship positions are virtual unless explicitly stated otherwise. 

Social Media Coordinator 

ASI is seeking an intern to design, curate, and post content on ASI’s various social media platforms, especially Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Experience with Canva, Promo, and Photoshop is required. Knowledge of Arabic is preferred but not required. 

Internship responsibilities will include: 
1. Designing social media campaigns for newly published Jadaliyya, Status, and MESPI content. 
2. Establishing and adhering to a posting schedule. 
3. Taking the initiative to promote ASI events and materials. 

Resistance, Subversion, and Mobilization Page Media Roundup Coordinator 

The Resistance, Subversion, and Mobilization roundup editor will be responsible for managing, scheduling, and augmenting the material for a specific monthly roundup, in coordination with the page editors. This topic is specific to grassroots mobilization, acts of resistance, social movements, etc. that occur across the Middle East and North Africa. Knowledge of Arabic and/or French is preferred but not required. 

Internship responsibilities will include: 
1. Curate and annotate the media roundup based on our standard operating procedures. 
2. Perform basic copyediting on all roundup articles. 
3. Maintaining a routine monthly schedule for roundup posts. 
4. Coordinate with the page editor for strategies and content. 

Researcher — Politics of Covid-19 

The candidate must be able to conduct semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions in Lebanon, in Arabic or English. They would conduct the interviews and transcribe them into Arabic over a period of 2-3 months. 

The candidate must have some research experience, preferably an MA student. It would be useful if the candidate has some connections to various social movements in Lebanon. 

KPP (Knowledge Production Project) Researchers 

Interns for the Knowledge Production Project will join one of eight databases within the project, each with its own mission and procedure for examining and cataloging the production of knowledge on the Middle East. Internship responsibilities will differ by database: Peer-Reviewed Articles, Books, Think Tank, Reports, Middle East in Cyberspace, Book Reviews, Dissertations, Films, TV Shows, Documentaries, and Translated Books. 

In general, internship responsibilities will include: 

1. Researching and cataloging sources of knowledge production (per the databases above.), and evaluating the content and method of production in different realms. Prior experience with spreadsheets and data entry would be helpful. 

2. Work closely with the coordinator of their respective database to decide upon new paths of research and potential leads for developing the project. 

 For further information on any aspect of internships at ASI, email us at info@ArabStudiesInstitute.org.

For best consideration, apply by December 31.

[Students interested in earning academic credit for their internship should check with their department or college internship coordinator.]