Thursday, May 13, 2021

Graduating May 2021? We Need to Hear from You

Congratulations to our BSOS May 2021 graduates! Please take a moment to share your experiences and next step(s) with us.

Complete the Survey

The link above directs you to the UMD First Destination/Experiences Survey for undergraduates. The survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

We realize this is a bittersweet moment, with the campus vacated and graduation celebrations relegated to the online environment.  However, we are reaching out to our graduating seniors to learn more about the out of classroom experiences you completed as a student, as well as your immediate post-graduation plans. 

Why is this important?
The survey data gathered is used by the University for accreditation, rankings, state appropriations, and other assessments that help the University improve.  It is also important for future Maryland students.   

Need help with your job search?
We are also very aware of the challenging job market facing our graduates. If you are still working on a plan, you will notice there is an option for that on the survey. Select it and you will be able to update your selection for the next six months. 

If you are in the midst of a job search, haven’t yet started, or are still considering options, the BSOS Feller Center for Academic & Career Planning and the University Career Center can help. After graduation you will still have access to all resources and services. If you are still searching, start with the resources below. 

The UMD First Destination/Experiences Survey is coordinated by the University Career Center & The President’s Promise. If you have already completed the survey, THANK YOU! Note: All information you provide is confidential and in compliance with FERPA regulations.  Survey results will be reported only in aggregate form.  Your name and contact information will not be used in any public reports generated from this data. Questions? Email

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