Tuesday, December 1, 2020

UMD Data Challenge 2021, Student Registration Open

UMD Data Challenge 2021 | February 20 - 27

UMD students, you are invited to the campus-wide (state-wide!) annual UMD Data Challenge 2021

Questions? Email the DC21 team at datachallenge@umd.edu.

Did you know that last year, an ARHU violinist made headlines with her success at this event? That's right, you don't have to be a "data person" to be involved! If you love solving puzzles and problems, this is the event for you.

At the annual UMD Data Challenge, students from every college and program help solve real challenges from real organizations (like Amazon Web Services and the National Cancer Institute) by looking at the data provided. Students present solutions after a week of brainstorming---while working with top mentors!---and present their ideas at a final judging event. 

Students gain valuable team-building, resume-building, and networking experience. Plus, we just have fun!