Friday, January 29, 2021

Applied Political Analytics Program (APAN) Info Session

The Applied Political Analytics Program (APAN) is thrilled to welcome its inaugural
cohort in Fall 2021!!

This exciting new program offers promising students an opportunity to earn a Master of
Science degree in the high-demand, and still growing, modern data science industry. It
is delivered as either a standalone degree or a combined 4+1 BA/MS. All admitted
students will complete 36 credit hours at the graduate level, with classes from both the
Government & Politics (GVPT) and Survey Methodology (SURV) departments.
Graduates of the APAN program will be well-suited and prepared well above average
for data-oriented political careers in the private sector, research organizations, NGO’s,
and government agencies of all levels.

Employers across the government, private, and non-profit sectors are increasingly
relying on data to help them reach their organization’s goals. In a 2017 report from
LinkedIn (
Emerging_Jobs_Report), data-related jobs were prominent among the top 10 fastest
growing jobs. The report also indicates that data scientist positions have shown a 650%
rate of growth alongside a large shortage of qualified applicants. In the campaign world
alone, the last several elections cycles have seen a proliferation of new companies
specializing in data analytics as well as existing firms adding capacity in this emerging

Whether it is understanding which message to use to encourage a citizen to register to
vote, or what services are needed to support programs to reduce radicalization among
at-risk youth, data driven strategies are a key to success. In order to be most effective,
the workforce needs more than just technical skills. That is, with a firm foundation in
theoretical and empirical research, the most successful researchers will be able to
communicate more effectively with clients and adapt to new questions and issues as
they arise. The MS in Political Analytics program is designed to provide students with
this foundation.

Join us for our 4+1 Information Session on February 10, 2021 at 5pm on Zoom. Visit
www. for more!