Wednesday, January 27, 2021

BSOS Undergraduate Research Opportunities


IDFaculty NameCollegeDepartmentEmailProject Title
5Ratner, NanBSOSHearing and Speech Sciencesnratner@umd.eduNatural language analysis
81De Los Reyes, AndresBSOSPsychologyadlr@umd.eduComprehensive Assessment and Intervention Program
140Murrell, PeterBSOSEconomicsmurrell@econ.umd.eduGenerating and Analyzing Data, on history, culture, and law
166Kruglanski, ArieBSOSPsychologykruglanski@gmail.comGoal Systems and Motivation
169Shackman, AlexBSOSDepartment of Psychology; Maryland Neuroshackman@umd.eduThe Brain and Emotion: Neuroimaging
192Kruglanski, ArieBSOSPsychologykruglanski@gmail.comWhat motivates human behavior?
271Newman, RochelleBSOSHearing and Speech Sciencesrnewman1@umd.eduNOT open for Spring 2021 - Factors influencing complex language performance in the presence of concussion
307Faroqi Shah, YasmeenBSOSHearing and Speech Sciencesyfshah@umd.eduLanguage and Cognition in Aging, and Brain Damage (aphasia), and Bilingualism
370Westhelle, Felipe; Braun, JosephBSOSGVPTfwesthel@umd.eduThe Politics of Psychology and Climate Change: An experiment testing the effect of environmental perception on human psychology
411Ratner, NanBSOSHearing and Speech Sciencesnratner@umd.eduThe development of language fluency
413Cabrera, NatashaBSOSHDQMncabrera@umd.eduFamily Involvement Laboratory - BabyBooks2 project
420Whitehead, TonyBSOSAnthropologytonywhitehead1122@gmail.comTony’s End Of Life (TELP) Anthropology of Blackness (AOB) Professional Development Seminar/Writing Workshops
455Harley, SharonBSOSAfrican American“Black Lives Matter” as Diasporic Identity: Expressions of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Shared Political Spaces
480Dunbar, AngelBSOSAfrican American Studiesasdunbar@umd.eduThe African American Child and Family Emotions Project
522Sahajpal, RitvikBSOSDepartment of Geographical Sciencesritvik@umd.eduMachine learning based global crop yield and condition forecasting
524Pavao-ZuckermanBSOSAnthropologybpavao@umd.eduBowie Ancestors Project
541Fracchia, Adam; Leone, MarkBSOSAnthropologyfracchia@umd.eduArchaeology in the Digital Age: Preserving and Expanding the Reach of the Archaeology in Annapolis Collections
649Mulak, KarenBSOSHearing and Speech Scienceskmulak@umd.eduHow we speak to dogs
710Dapuez, AndrésBSOSAnthropologyadapuez@umd.eduThe Capital Promise. Human Capital Accumulation in an Indigenous Village of Yucatan
719Navarrete, MichaelBSOSEconomicsmnav@umd.eduExpanded Unemployment Insurance Impact during the Pandemic
721Harley, SharonBSOSAfrican American Studies“Black Lives Matter” as Diasporic Identity: Expressions of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Shared Political Spaces
746Bersani, BiancaBSOSCriminology and Criminal Justicebbersani@umd.eduSpatial Data Analysis - Baltimore
747Bersani, BiancaBSOSCriminology and Criminal Justicebbersani@umd.eduCommunity Perceptions and the Nature of Violence