Monday, January 4, 2021

Participate in the Humans of College Park project "Disability during COVID-19" by filling out this google form.

The project "Disability during COVID-19" specifically aims to empower the voices of this demographic and dispel mainstream stereotypes in society, especially in light of the recently highlighted health and societal disparities. Furthermore, this project aims to highlight how having a disability has further enriched life and made it more meaningful. Our Facebook and Instagram page contain examples of our posted content from three running project series, including Disability during COVID-19 (no names will be published).

Given that disability is not binary but rather a spectrum, Humans of College Park would like to represent physical, sensory, intellectual, emotional, developmental, and non-visible disabilities for this project. If you are a student, a staff member, or a faculty member with a disability, are affiliated with either UMD or College Park, and are interested in being interviewed virtually over Zoom for approximately an hour, please fill out this short google form:

Contact Person: Urvi Chowdhury
Contact Email: OR