Thursday, January 14, 2021

Virtual English Tutoring (and More) Volunteer Program Serving Diverse Residents of Greenbelt


Tutoring Program Needs Volunteers!

Established in 1974, by the City of Greenbelt, Greenbelt CARES is a community based, family oriented counseling program dedicated to promoting responsible behavior and appropriate family management skills. Volunteers have the opportunity to directly help our community with Greenbelt CARES! The Vocational / Educational Counselor offers GED preparatory classes, an individual and group tutoring program to assist students in school to help people with the world of work and help citizens with odd jobs around the community. There is also an Adult ESOL program to help those with low English proficiency. Participants come from a variety of countries including: El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Cameroon, Iraq, Iran and Taiwan. Students meet one-on-one with people to tutor English and reach any other goals they have set for themselves. Curricula and education plans are established by the full time staff who will be there to supervise and help out. 
This program will be conducted virtually this semester. Contact Judye Hering at to get involved!
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