Friday, April 23, 2021

New Student Chapter of the Center for the Public Trust at UMD

The Student Center for the Public Trust (StudentCPT) is a national network of college students who demonstrate a commitment to ethical leadership.  Chapters are hosted on college campuses across the country which provide students with opportunities to participate in training sessions, conferences, community service and business ethics competitions.  

The Center for the Study of Business Ethics, Regulation & Crime (C-BERC) is sponsoring a student chapter of the Center for the Public Trust--the first chapter in Maryland.  

Giving students the opportunity to learn more about ethics and ethical leadership, while providing skills to confront the challenges facing society today, is critically important.  It is also consistent with the mission of C-BERC.  As per the flyer, students who are interested in getting involved in the new chapter should sign up by May 14th.  

If students have any questions, they can get in touch with Dr. Emanuel Zur (faculty advisor).  His contact information is listed on the flyer.