Monday, April 19, 2021

Student Organization Account Specialist - SORC Position

Department:  Student Organization Resource Center (SORC), Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life

Job Title: Student Organization Account Specialist

The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) manages the financial accounts of over 400 SGA recognized student organizations supporting the allocation and spending of a $1 million annual budget.  This position assists in processing advanced financial transactions and performing ongoing audits for all organization accounts.


Job Summary:

       This is a financial support position that requires students to learn how to use SORC’s student registration software (TerpLink), the student organization financial trackers (Based in Google Sheets) as well as the university’s financial system, Kuali Financial Systems (KFS). Further, it is essential to understand how SGA funding processes relate to SORC spending processes and be able to effectively communicate these processes to student leaders.

       Skills: Customer service, communication, organization skills, leadership, proficiency in Google Sheets (preferred), willingness to learn.


List of Duties & Tasks performed:

   Allocating funds from various university departments and organizations into student organization accounts.

   Review purchase request submissions, contract submissions, ISR submissions, and Bank Letters in TerpLink.

   Approve or deny spending requests according to internal processes and university guidelines.

   Effectively communicate with leaders of student groups on the status of their request, additional steps that are required if any issues arise, issues related to their accounts (insufficient funds, negative balances, etc).

   Have a developed understanding of Google Sheets and its many functions to effectively manage and update student organization trackers on a daily basis.

   Communicate with the university’s accounts payable office to verify payment statuses and process inquiries related to payment requests.

   Perform end-of-month reconciliation, as well as year-end closeouts between student trackers and KFS reports.

   Assist in the tagging, management, and auditing of student organization inventory of non-disposable items.

   Must be adaptable and creative in problem-solving to manage the frequently updating and innovating of processes and systems.

   Needs to be a flexible team player who is easy to collaborate with, while still being able to successfully work independently.


Specialized Job Description: Looking for a few students willing to assist in specific tasks as needed in addition to daily tasks. The specialized job summaries are described below:


       Account/spending data collection

       Analyzing data to determine whether the SGA process is inclusive and equitable, and use this data to evaluate the overall spending of groups.

       Brainstorm ways to make it more inclusive and equitable for the future.


       Review current training materials and make adjustments as needed.

       Further develop training materials for members of the office as well as for student groups and leaders.

       Lead ongoing training sessions focused on budgeting, ordering protocol, and financial processes.

       Inventory Control

       Manage and adapt inventory control policies, agreements, and certifications

       Oversee the tagging and tracking of non-disposable goods before ownership transition

       Conduct annual student organization inventory audits


Expected Work Hours: 10-15 hours per week preferred, Monday through Friday, 9am-4:30pm (based around your class schedule).

Expected Start Time: Looking for immediate Spring 2021 hires (Preferred), Summer 2021, or Fall 2021 starts [list preference in application email].


How to Apply: Please email a copy of your resume and a cover letter to Include your Name, Email, Phone Number, UID, and Preferred Start Date.


Position Availability: 6-10 students.


If you have any questions about this position, please contact