Thursday, June 24, 2021

Paid Remote Fall Internships with the Council on Foreign Relations

 All who are selected to participate in CFR’s Blavatnik Internship Program and Robina Franklin Williams Internship Program receive training in the field of foreign policy and international affairs as well as skills training in writing, research, program planning, and much more.


The intern will have the opportunity to conduct research on current foreign policy topics, synthesize large amounts of information, and summarize complex arguments concisely. The intern will also develop an understanding of multistage publication production and launch process, learn to work professionally and sensitively with professionals from many different countries, and increase their understanding of international organizations, current issues and debates on global governance.


CFR internships are paid, require a 14 - 18 hour commitment, and are filled on a rolling basis.


Fall semester internship opportunities are on a fully remote/virtual basis.

Internship, U.S. Foreign Policy, Fall 2021itle

Internship, Russia Studies, Fall 2021Title

Internship, Publications, Fall 2021Title

Internship, New York Meetings, Fall 2021itle

Internship, National Program and Outreach, Fall 2021Title

Internship, Middle East History and Geopolitics, Fall 2021Title

Internship, Latin America Studies, Fall 2021Title

Internship, International Economics, History, Fall 2021Title

Internship, International Economics, Economic History, Fall 2021Title

Internship, Human Resources, Fall 2021Title

Internship, Global Communications and Media Relations, Fall 2021Title


Internship, Foreign Affairs, Marketing Design, Fall 2021Title

Internship, Foreign Affairs, Editorial, Fall 2021itle

Internship, Foreign Affairs, Customer Retention, Fall 2021itle

Internship, Foreign Affairs, Audience Development, Fall 2021Title

Internship, Foreign Affairs, Advertising, Fall 2021Title

Internship, Education, World 101, Fall 2021

TitleInternship, Education, Multimedia Production, Fall 2021

leInternship, Education, Model Diplomacy, Fall 2021