Thursday, August 26, 2021

Do You Have a High-Quality Fall Internship and Want to Earn Elective or GenEd Credit? Space is Available in BSOS Internship Courses

COVID-19 Considerations

Should a student participate in-person at an internship site, then adherence to current state and local COVID-19 directives, and CDC guidelines is required. Also, should such a student elect to continue in-person at the internship, it is done at the student's own risk. The University has the ability to create remote and/or independent study options for students in lieu of an in-person internship. Therefore, given the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, if a student rejects these internship alternatives, the student has assumed full responsibility for his/her well-being.  For more information regarding internship guidance during COVID-19, please visit:
Three BSOS internship courses are offered and are open to all majors. If the internship course in your major or minor doesn't fit your internship, one of the college courses might.  You may qualify for one if: 

·        You have completed at least 30 credits at the end of the semester
·        You have completed at least a semester at the University of Maryland
·        You have at least a 2.5 UMD GPA
·        You will be spending at least 45 hours at your internship
·        You will be conducting para- or pre-professional work in an established organization
·        You will be receiving regular and frequent supervision from an experienced      professional 

Paid internships may qualify.

Two courses, BSOS 288I (1-3 credits) and BSOS 386 (3-6 credits) offer elective credit.

BSOS 355 (3 credits only) fulls the GenEd Scholarship in Practice Outside Your Major requirement. (It is the most rigorous BSOS internship course and requires both that the internship be related to the behavioral and social sciences and that the internship host allow you to show some of your work.) 

To learn more, email Kathryn Hopps at

Apply by September 3.  (Applications will be accepted after this date, but may not be processed before the end of schedule adjustment.)