Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Join a Student Government Association Committee!


SGA Committee Recruitment 

Committees are the main way SGA initiatives come into fruition. Headed by directors and comprised of legislative representatives and other students, committees are at the heart of SGA. 

Most committees are open to everyone, and this semester, committee meetings will be hosted both in-person and online.

Committees include: Academic Affairs, Civic and Governmental Affairs, Communications, Diversity and Inclusion, Financial Affairs, Health and Wellness, Student Affairs, Student Groups, Sexual Misconduct Prevention, Sustainability.

Complete the committee interest form at umdsga.com/committees.
Join the Title IX Advisory Board
Looking to be involved with Title IX or passionate about sexual misconduct prevention? Come serve on the Title IX Advisory Board as an at-large undergraduate representative!
The Title IX Advisory Board will meet once a month to discuss student feedback and concerns related to sexual misconduct prevention, propose new ways to ensure resources are accessible to students, promote Title IX initiatives, and assist in designing Title IX events and outreach efforts. These meetings will be held virtually from 5-6 pm on September 22nd, October 13th, November 10th, and December 8th. 

Please email sgasmp@umd.edu for more information! We are dedicated to ensuring that everyone's voices are represented on the Title IX Advisory Board. 
Join the SGA Academic Affairs Committee!
The UMD SGA Academic Affairs Committee is committed to ensuring that the educational experience is accessible, equitable, and impactful for all undergraduate students. Given our transition back to in-person classes, the work in this committee is crucial to implementing necessary changes as we move forward, while reflecting on the past 1.5 years of virtual education. Key issues that are being discussed include: improvements to lecture accessibility, implementation of a Sustainability General Education requirement, expansion of ASL courses, textbook affordability, and so much more. 

Join our committee on Thursdays at 5:30 PM to advocate for the betterment of the UMD academic experience! Contact the Director of Academic Affairs, Madhulika Nallani (sgavpacademic@umd.edu) for any questions or to share concerns.