Thursday, October 21, 2021

Prepare for Post-Graduate Life - Course Opportunity

Take UNIV362: Designing Your Life After College! 

    Students with at least 60 credits are eligible to enroll in UNIV362: Designing Your Life After College. This innovative course helps students plan their transition out of college and into early adulthood. Faculty and experts from around campus and the country come together to provide a hands-on learning experience. Students gain a grasp on important financial concepts such as budgeting, understanding the stock market, and managing a retirement account. 

    The course faculty also coach students through career development, the steps to secure an apartment or mortgage, understanding benefit packages, and negotiating job offers. Students are coached through developing a life plan that will help those who have no clear path after graduation and students who have a set vision for what they want to accomplish.  Any student interested in preparing for life after college is encouraged to enroll in UNIV362.