Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Law School Prep Events

Interested in law school? Start your research by attending the events below. 

Navigating Law School: Admissions with UMD Carey School of Law, Virtual - Register, Nov 11,  3 - 4 pm  
Join the Director of Admissions at Maryland Carey Law for a discussion about the law school application process. We will discuss how to best position yourself to apply to law school, go over each component of the application, and provide tips as to what admissions committees look for when reviewing applications. Contact Erin Doolin in CCJS at edoolin@umd.edu. 

Navigating Law School: Everything LSAT, Virtual- Register - Nov 18,    3 - 4 pm 
Join Daniel Zahn, 2L at Stanford Law, for a presentation on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). Mr. Zahn will be covering an overview of the LSAT, how to study for it, and the best tips/tricks for the LSAT. In the Q&A portion of the event, students can ask Mr. Zahn about the LSAT and his admissions & law school experience. Questions? Contact Erin Doolin in CCJS at edoolin@umd.edu. 


Pre-Law School Informational Interviews- Monday, November 15, 10am-4 pm
  • Catholic University   Register (in-person)
  • George Mason University  Register (in person)
  • U of Baltimore  Register (in-person)
  • U of Maryland   Register to Attend (in person)

Pre-Law School Informational Interviews-  Tuesday, November 16, 10am-4 pm
  • American University  Register (virtual)
  • Fordham University  Register (virtual)
  • U of Baltimore  Register (in-person)
  • U of Maryland  Register (in-person)
  • Yeshiva University, Cardozo   Register (virtual)
Pre-Law School Informational Interviews-  Thursday November 18, 10 am-4pm
  • Boston University - virtual
  • Villanova University - virtual
  • New York Law - in person
  • Boston College - virtual
  • University of Richmond - virtual
Register through Careers4Terps

The Pre-Law Interviews are arranged through  the Pre-Law Advising office and the University Career Center. Questions? Call 301-314-7225.