Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Language House Applications Open!

 Are you a language learner who would like to live in an immersive linguistic and cultural community with students learning the same language? 

You can join the Language House where the living and learning are inseparable: the Language House Living-Learning Program provides students with the opportunity for daily language and cultural immersion. Students will develop communication skills in both academic and daily life settings, as well as an appreciation of the specific historical, geographical, and sociological world of the target culture(s). Students studying one of the ten languages/cultures offered in the Language House live together in apartments where they only speak the target language to one another. The students are also in contact with a native-speaking mentor who organizes weekly structured cluster meetings and activities. 

Why Join the Language House?

  • An immersive environment for language learning 
  • Interaction with native speakers 
  • Alternative to or addition to study abroad 
  • Make friends with shared cultural interests 
  • Join a vibrant and supportive community of students, faculty, & mentors 
  • Centrally-located housing 
  • Oldest Living-Learning Program at UMD
Who is eligible to join the Language House?

The program is open to sophomores and above, but second-semester freshmen with an intermediate oral proficiency in the language are also considered. 
Students from any major can apply for the program. 
Admission is determined by a faculty committee of language instructors and is based on ability, motivation, and commitment, as well as a sound academic record. A Language House student must possess and nurture a strong commitment towards improving themselves in the chosen target language. 
Ten languages are available: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Russian, and Spanish.


For more information, visit the Language House website or contact the Language House Program Director, Dr. Marilyn Matar: mmatar@umd.edu