Monday, February 7, 2022

Part-Time Photography Job With Sustainability Nonprofit

 CONTRACT Photographer position available

Community Forklift is seeking a freelance contract photographer who will be responsible for photographing, editing and archiving images of our ecommerce inventory for sale. Candidates for this position should have proven experience with digital photography, studio lighting and photo editing software. A portfolio of comparable product photography work is required to be considered for this position.

Position Requirements:
• Photograph hardware, lighting, furniture, appliances and other product for sale.
• Providing a number of digital photographs for each product and edit for professional presentation on digital platforms
• Edit photographs with professional photo editing software
• Be familiar with studio lighting and set preparation for a variety of large and small product
• Ensure that all products are lit well to create the best images
• Produce high quality images; ensuring exposure and color consistency
•Perform quality assurance on all images
•Crop and processing of all images
•Naming and maintaining digital asset files
•Keep all records and related data management as required
•Accurately archiving images
•Meeting daily and weekly production deadlines
•Maintaining general appearance of studio, proper storage of photo equipment and set painting.
• Assembling/disassembling backgrounds, sets, and photographic equipment as needed.

We will need you to be someone who has:
• Proven experience in E-commerce photography, digital cameras, and lighting
• Good technical proficiency in photo editing programs
• Portfolio demonstrating work (must be submitted with resume in order to be considered for position)
• Ability to work well with a team
• Ability to meet deadlines and make decisions under pressure in a hardworking studio environment
• Flexibility to adjust to changing priorities
• Positive attitude, proactive and able to take initiative
• Detail-oriented
• This may be someone who has worked as a professional photographer or an experienced amateur with a strong portfolio of product photos.

How to apply for the Contract Photography position:
This is hourly contract work and dependent upon the flow of merchandize we need photographed.  The product staging and photo sessions would be conducted on site at Community Forklift on an as needed basis. We have a staging area, equipment, camera and lenses. The person conducting this work would be expected to produce quality product photos that conform to online sales platform requirements and Community Forklift standards.  If interested send a cover letter, resume, and examples of work to