Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Part-Time On-Campus Paid Undergraduate Research Assistantship Benefitting People with Disabilities

This is a paid opportunity at the Trace R&D Center in the College of Information Studies for 2 students (from any major) to showcase their creativity, and 1) be a part of a novel research project to predict the future of digital interfaces – and 2) assist with research on simpler interfaces (e.g. Simpler Gmail). Depending on interest & skill-level, it may be possible to write honors theses and participate in papers for publication. 

The FUTURE OF INTERFACE (FOI) research project goals are: 
1) predict the future of next-next generation technological interfaces (i.e., 20+ years from now) 
2) identify problems and develop strategies to make these interfaces accessible to people with all disabilities 
 3) create a research and policy agenda outlining the necessary accessibility strategies, technologies, and policies to help get us from here to there 

 The SIMPLER INTERFACES project goals are: 
1) To create interfaces for those who cannot use today’s digital interfaces well or at all 
2) To figure out what works and what doesn’t for these individuals 

 - Establish social media presence and assist in engagement (i.e., using Instagram, Facebook, etc.) 
- Help locate other efforts on predicting the future of interfaces 
– or on advanced interface accessibility - including Sci-Fi visions of future interfaces 
- Help to manage the FOI website - keeping it up to date 

 RE Simpler interfaces: 
- Assist in evaluation of Trace Center prototype simpler interfaces (I.e. Easy123, Simple Gmail) A great opportunity go get both academic and practical experience 
– while having an impact on the real lives of people with disabilities. 

 We are looking for someone who: 
- is innately curious and who loves technology 
- Has a strong interest or passion for accessibility 
- Is reliable and self motivating 
 - Can work both independently and as part of a team 

 To apply: 

Email with your resume, unofficial transcript, and 2 professional (e.g., previous employers) or academic (e.g., teachers, professors) references. 
 Hours: 8-10 hours a week 
Duration: full year 
Deadline: September 6, 2022. 
Start date: As soon as filled.