Thursday, September 1, 2022

Apply Now for Spring Maryland General Assembly Legislative Internship (stipends of $3,120 - $7,800)!


Maryland State House with blue sky and lawn

During the legislative session of the Maryland General Assembly, approximately 150 college students are given the opportunity to serve as legislative interns each year.  Interested students apply and interview for placement with legislators, committees, or caucuses.


The General Assembly meets annually for a period of 90 calendar days, beginning the second Wednesday in January through early April. The busiest days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  Voting sessions are scheduled on Monday evening and Tuesday through Friday morning.  Committee hearings are usually scheduled for the afternoon, with fewer on Monday or Friday. 


Interested students must be presently enrolled in a public or independent college or university in Maryland with a 3.0 or higher grade-point average and competency in composition.  Students must be earning credit and be sponsored by the instructor of an internship course.  Students must be able to commit to at least two full days weekly for the legislative session. 


A stipend is awarded to each legislative intern.  The total stipend varies, depending on the number of hours per week the student serves as an intern for the legislative session. The total stipend is payable in two installments.  The first half of the stipend is awarded midway through session and the second half of the stipend is awarded at the end of session. The (newly increased) stipend amounts are listed below:

·       2 days (15-18 hours) weekly = $3,120 per session

·       3 days (19-26 hours) weekly = $4,680 per session

·       4 days (27-31 hours) weekly = $6,240 per session

·       5 days (32-40 hours) weekly =$7,800 per session


·       Research

·       Writing Reports and Correspondence

·       Tracking bills

·       Communicating with witnesses

·       Following committee hearings

·       Preparing and reporting testimony

·       Coordinating mailings & newsletters

·       Responding to constituents’ inquiries



Contact your college or departmental internship coordinator for an application and sponsorship.  Interested students submit an InternApplication*, including their sponsorship information, resume, essay, and transcript to the email address below. The target deadline to submit applications is October 31.  For an extension, contact:

Carol Pelli, Intern Coordinator

Phone:  410-946-5124

Washington, DC Area: 301-970-5124

Toll Free: 800-492-7122 Ext. 5124


*Find the intern application at, the first "Helpful Link."  Students who do not qualify for a GVPT internship course may email Kathryn Hopps to request that she serve as their "sponsoring professor."