Thursday, September 15, 2022

Business Process Analyst Internship: Fall/Spring Paid (remote/on-campus)

The University Process Innovation Office is a specialized group housed within the Division of IT here at the University of Maryland. Acting as internal consultants, working on projects all across campus, the team focuses on discovering, evaluating, and improving processes and practices often before technology decisions are made. This work results in improved value delivery and a lower cost of implementation for our campus clients. The primary role of the Business Process Analyst is to support all full-time office employees with projects, efforts, and responsibilities. 

You will find yourself assisting employees in the various stages of a project while learning vital project management, research, and consulting skills. Interns will have ownership and responsibility of large workstreams and are often given the opportunity to lead projects on their own. While working with the University Process Innovation Office they have a team of experienced consultants as mentors to help learn and grow.

As a Business Analyst at the University Process Innovation Office your tasks will include:

  • Conduct research to gain general industry knowledge on specific topics
  • Interview or shadow interview key stakeholders and sponsors on various projects
  • Formulate solutions to business challenges and problems using quantitative and qualitative data
  • Create visuals and presentations that communicate a message to a target audience and make acase for the issue we are seeking to address
  • Review deliverables such as articles, presentations, and graphics to provide feedback and improvement
Our expectations of you will include:
  • Strong work ethic and the ability to manage yourself under reasonable time constraints
  • Proactive attitude about acquiring more work and responsibilities
  • Attention to detail and a willingness to contribute in group conversation/discussion
  • Organization and communication skills that allow you to work with clients and maintain working relationships
  • Team management and project management capabilities
Preferred qualifications:
  • Excellent academic performance (all majors are welcome to apply
  • Prior experience with remote collaboration in teams
  • Knowledge of UMD’s organizational structure

Internships are primarily remote. However, interns may be expected to attend an occasional meeting or workshop in-person at the Manokin Building (accessible by DOTS Shuttle) located at 5801 University Research Ct, Berwyn Heights, MD.

Apply: Deadline, Friday (9/23/22)

Applications can be submitted via Google form. Compensation is $12.50/hour for fall and increases to $15/hour for spring and summer. If you have any questions about the role, please contact