Friday, September 16, 2022

Govern For America 2023 Fellowship

Govern For America Fellow

Govern For America is searching for the next generation of public servants to create a more responsive government that better reflects and serves our communities. We envision a world where public servants use their power in government and grounding in community to ensure public systems achieve greater opportunity for all people. As a Fellow, you'll work in government on strategic priorities and innovative projects using your skills to work on the most pressing challenges facing our communities. Govern For America Fellows work at the intersection of policy and practice in a fast-moving environment. Whether you're combating the COVID-19 pandemic, working to end mass incarceration, or expanding access to high-quality pre-K, government is where we see leadership in action. The GFA Fellowship is your opportunity to tackle one of the biggest challenges of our time.

The GFA Fellowship is a two-year program that connects recent graduates to full-time, paid government jobs and supports them to develop as leaders through, training, mentorship, and community. GFA bridges the gap between state governments and emerging leaders to fill skill gaps, drive more equitable policy outcomes, and ignite a lifetime of public sector leadership.


Apply for this Fellowship

before the Dec. 7th deadline! 

You Belong at GFA if you value: 

  • Progress-  You care about making an impact and being in the action. You want to embark on a career path that provides ample opportunity for meaningful work and personal growth.
  • Creative Solutions  - You have solved problems in creative ways when presented with unique challenges and don't rely on cookie-cutter solutions. You are willing to take initiative, meet challenges, and adapt to new situations
  • Leading with equity - You believe that people should be at the center of policymaking. You're committed to dismantling oppressive systems and ensuring that impacted and marginalized communities have a seat at the table. 
  • Telling stories to mobilize action - You are a strong communicator with exceptional interpersonal skills and a high EQ. You can use your personal story and experiences to build coalitions and inspire others.
  • Using data to make choices - You make informed choices using data and evidence to improve outcomes.
  • Thinking strategically - You can articulate a clear vision, navigate conflict, and bring partners to the table with your high-quality analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Working with diverse teams- You work well in collaborative environments and are trusted by your team members.

What You'll Do:

We have a number of different role types that you can apply for - Analyst, Project Manager, and Data Analyst. You will have the chance to tell us which of these is best suited for your skills and interests in the application. No matter the type of Fellow you are, you will:

  • Be in the Room - Work closely with senior leaders in government on strategic initiatives and mission-critical priorities, and represent the agency in external environments.
  • Put Theory into Action - Conduct policy research to find opportunities for impact, then make it happen as you evaluate proposed legislation, operationalize concepts and quarterback strategic initiatives.
  • Perform Rigorous Analysis & Evaluation - Analyze State agency fiscal operations, monitor revenue and expenditures, evaluate proposed legislation, and negotiate with legislative staff to develop budgetary and policy recommendations.
  • Leverage Data Analyze data to source new opportunities to allocate resources, save money, and improve lives.
  • Create Partnerships - Manage relationships with internal and external stakeholders including the Governor's Office, state agencies, municipal/federal authorities, advocacy groups, constituents, and other partners.
  • Question & Create - Ask the tough questions and challenge assumptions about the way things have always been done to create programs designed around people.

What You'll Get:

  • A competitive salary and benefits package
  • Quarterly trainings to orient you to public-sector leadership, design thinking, and government innovation
  • Opportunities to collaborate in a cohort of other emerging leaders on a wide range of agency strategic priorities
  • Extensive investment in your development as a leader, through professional development, coaching, and mentorship
  • Access to a network of leaders and innovators in government who share tools for impact and connect you to future opportunities
  • Opportunities for career advancement and support transitioning to the next phase in your lifetime of public service  

Where You'll Go:

Through your experiences as a GFA Fellow, you'll develop the analytical, communication, and leadership skills that will help you achieve your full potential, no matter where your career path takes you. You will be continually challenged by your constituents, your team members, and your peers. Along the way, you'll have access to mentoring, coaching, and training opportunities to accelerate your development of new skills and capabilities.