Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Winter and Spring Schedule of Classes - Now Open!

Students may now view only classes that are being offered during the Spring and Winter terms in Testudo. Prepare for early registration now!

Early Registration is typically held during November for the coming Spring semester.

Undergraduate students are assigned a registration appointment time based on their academic credit level. Students will receive a notification email that includes information on early registration and a link to check their registration time and any registration blocks. Students with registration blocks, student athletes, AAP, IA, academic probation, dismissal, or reinstated students are required to meet with an advisor before registering or processing schedule adjustments. Continuing students may register at their scheduled time or any time thereafter, but will have the best opportunity to get desired courses by registering as scheduled.

Note: If you are a degree candidate you will not receive an appointment email. If you wish to register for the next semester call 301-314-8240 to request an appointment time.

 Questions?  Contact the BSOS Advising Center at: 301.405.1697  

or schedule an advising appointment:  Schedule an advising appointment

Contact Info

Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Phone: 301-405-1697 (Please leave a message and a staff member will contact you)  

Email:  For general advising inquiries: bsosadvising@umd.edu