Academic Advising @ BSOS

General Information

· Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
· Office location: 2148Tydings Hall
· Phone: 301-405-1697
· Scheduled appointments and walk-in advising offered

Advising can mean many things. As a freshman or new student, it may mean receiving information about courses and university procedures. After you become more involved in your course work, advising may mean exploring different majors, careers, and other opportunities in your field of study. In some cases, an advisor may refer you to another office or service on campus to best meet your needs.
The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences does not generally assign advisors to students in order to offer more flexibility. You may choose to meet with the same advisor continuously or choose to meet with the first available advisor.

When to schedule a 30 minute appointment? These appointments can not be handled on a walk-in basis.
  • Probation/Dismissal/Reenrollment 
  • Official Audit or Graduation Question 
  • Student Study Abroad Forms/Audit 
  • Exception to University Policy 
  • Consortium Course Request 
Walk-In Advising is available during fall and spring semesters on first-come, first-seen basis. Generally walk in advising is available from 1 - 4pm Monday – Friday. A sign-up sheet will be made available 10 minutes prior to the start of walk ins. Please contact our office to check our walk-in advising hours for the day. Walk-in advising lasts approximately 10 minutes and is intended to answer brief questions regarding:

  • Academic Plan Assistance (Must have already attended a BSOS Academic Planning Workshops) 
  • Take a Course for the 3rd Time 
  • Transfer Credit / Permission to Enroll 
  • Schedule Conflict/Credit Overload/Core or Gen Ed Policy Major Change/Double Major/LEP/Benchmarks General advising questions 

Call the Advising Center (301)-405-1697, or come in-person to schedule a same day appointment.

Please note that the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences is one of the largest colleges on campus and the demand for advising appointments is high, especially during registration and the schedule adjustment period.